About Us

So you’ve worked out the theme you want for your wedding – there are plenty of pictures online of other fabulous weddings you like the look of, but they hardly ever tell you where to get all the little details which make it so special. Or if they do, each thing has to come from a different place, and it takes forever to track it all down and put it all together - favours from one place, coasters from another, table accents and place card holders from somewhere else – you’ve got enough to think about sorting out your outfits and the venue!

 That’s where Theme Queen comes in. Pick your theme and we’ll provide you with the perfect coordinated centrepiece items, coasters, place card holders, menu holders, table number frames, and boxed favours (for girls and boys). All you need to add on the day are flowers, glasses and stationery (cards, menus, table numbers, seating plan)

 We also have a few added extras for each theme such as card boxes and wall decor, so you can have a themed post table as well.

 Don’t feel that you are getting an ‘off-the-shelf’ wedding that lots of other people could also have – many of our items are handmade and limited in supply so the specific items featured within each theme change frequently.

 Theme Queen is run by Gabrielle, who had her very own Art Deco themed wedding in 2013. It was a glorious day and many guests commented on the fabulously authentic detailing, but the preparation entailed spending weeks tracking down individual vintage glass bottles, cigarette cases and peacock feathers – which did get a bit stressful after a while! That’s why she was inspired to set up this site and make wedding preparation just a little bit easier for everyone.